Conventional Pond Fittings


Our bullhead tee's are made especially for ponds. The tee's have a built in "cushion" in the bottom where water will fall before entering the thru dam pipe. The riser portion of the tee (top) being larger than the thru pipe helps eliminate a vortex effect when the thru pipe is full of water.


The Trash Rack is designed to keep trash, fertilizer etc. from entering the standpipe. Our Trash Racks are made of double wall polyethelene pipe and have expanded aluminum tops on them.


PVC slidegates are constructed of PVC, polypropylene, and stainless steel, making them rust resistant. These gates are an excellent choice for ponds not exceeding twelve foot of depth. Slidegates are not designed to go on the backside of the dam they require water against the slide to assist in sealing.


Cast from 356 aluminum and powder coated, the sheargate has excellent corrosion resistance. Mounts directly to corrugated metal pipe flanges, or use with flange adapter (below) to use with PVC pipe. Sheargates are not designed to be used on the backside of the dam (outlet), they require water against the lid to assist in sealing.


Used to adapt PVC pipe to metal flanged pipe, or for mounting a sheargate (above) to PVC pipe.


Our anti-seep collars are 48" x 48". Made from 3/16" and 1/4" rigid PVC sheet. New design has made installation easier.

* Link above shows an installation and some good reading material