About Us


 Since opening our doors in 1984, Easyway Plastics, Inc has been a pioneer in the development of using PVC materials in pond dam applications. Almost twenty five years ago, we designed and developed the first plastic slidegates, pond riser tees, anti-seep collars, and trash racks. This made it possible to use all plastic components in a pond dam.

Our extensive line of Pond drainage fittings was obtained from years of listening to feedback from our customers and by responding with products that are more durable, cost effective and easier to install. We have always strived to offer the best quality and still remain competitive in todays market. Our products have many imitations in the market, but our existing and new customers keep coming to us for the quality and reliability of our products they have come to expect. We invite you to take a look at our product line. 


Remember, You don't have to build a pond to fit our systems, we can build a system to fit your pond!